Trying to fix your mental illness like*WHACK*


There’s always a mental illness related story on the news yet the lack of awareness among people is absolutely ridiculous. Stop worrying, why are you depressed, just be happy, I’m OCD because I like my room clean… STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

Why can’t mental illness be like any other kind of sickness where you go to the hospital and everyone loves and supports you and you’re not ashamed because it’s just who you are and that’s the card God dealt you with so you’re doing the best you can with what you have. Why are people so unaware, why do you ask me how I am when you really don’t actually want to know? Why start a conversation when you don’t have the time to sit there and actually talk to the other person in the receiving end?

I have so many unanswered questions from this humanity – it’s the…

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Kindness & Courage


“Have courage and be kind.”

Cinderella reiterated as my mind went into a cosmic twirl.

Can we still use this notion in this day and age?

“Just be kind and courageous” – the recipe for a peaceful life.

Isn’t it easier to be angry, to worry, to almost cultivate your mind to either think of the past or the future. I don’t understand why we don’t cloth with fine silk, the importance of right now. Do we take advantage of it because we have it? Like we do with love? Like we do with kindness?

We think of things we attain as futile and forgot how much time and effort it took in the first place to get the love we deserve, to be kind, to be courageous. Why is it so hard for you to just be, be here right now, say thank you to those who stood b…

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Things that I’ve picked up on throughout my small life


1. there is going to be a day or two or three where nothing goes right and it seems like everyone is against you, do not forget that you can crawl in bed and take a break from the world for a little while, tomorrow will be better and you will be okay.

2. there is going to be a boy who tells you that you are the moon and who will make your heart race every time his skin touches yours, do not forget that you are not his, if he kisses you and makes you cry you are allowed to run away. people come and go and you will be okay.

3. there is going to be a girl with wolf teeth who rips out your heart and cuts at your throat, you will love her because she is everything you are not and you will hate her…

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5 Days Till Christmas – Netflix UK Edition


With Christmas being right round the corner, I wanted to get into the spirit and recommend a list of movies.

I just recently bought the Chromecast (new model, bye bye USB) so my recommendations will be movies on Netflix only! If you don’t have Netflix, I’m sure you’ll be able to stream these movies elsewhere.

Love Actually (I know… let me just get it out the way)

Jingle All The Way

Home Alone (Obviously – do I need to include the trailer? Okay fine I will)

Disney’s A Christmas Carol 

The Santa Clause

Arthur Christmas

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

I know I’ve left out some epic Christmas movies out and you can blame Netflix UK for that! I wouldn’t worry about it though – Moviemas series to the rescue 🙂

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